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24th May

I finished the last of my radiotherapy sessions on 23rd May.  I still don’t feel too uncomfortable with it though I am warned that I continue to cook for a couple of weeks afterwards.  Bit like a microwave meal.  Am somewhat relieved as forums are full of people who have blistered and burnt.  I am … Continue reading 24th May


Well, I have had seven out of nineteen sessions and so far no superpowers.  May glow in the dark…*hopeful* The sessions themselves are very similar.  Having been womanhandled into position on a table, I have to keep very still with my arms above my head and hold my breath for a count of twenty when … Continue reading Radiotherapy

Tattooed lady

Well, I am now. 🙂 Had my CT Scan to identify exactly where the radiotherapy is going to be targeted.  It’s all very precise as you would imagine.  To make sure that they are hitting the same place each time, I now have three tiny blue dots on me to help with the alignment.  Bit … Continue reading Tattooed lady

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